The island of Koronisia is located in the SouthWest of the city of Arta in Amvrakikos. This is a picturesque little island, which is separated from the plain of Arta by the lagoon of Logarou, but also is connected through a sandy "suture" to the neighbor Salaora. The last few years the sandy “suture” was paved road that allows easy access to Koronisia, while it is offering a fascinating journey watching the traditional "Ivaria" (fishery facilities) of the lagoons where fish and shrimps are caught.

On the way to Salaora, shortly before the island of Koronisia narrow islets are dominated, connecting with the mainland the former limestone island. A path connects the wooden bird observatory at the top with Salaora Information Center which is located on the coast and is used as a research station for ornithologists.

It is one of the most beautiful, pure and virgin parts of Greece while the topography of the landscape of the island combines the beauty and wildness of the Greek mountains with the mild and shallow beaches of Amvrakikos Bay and the fertile valley of river Arachthos who crosses. The main characteristic is the abundant greenery and the strong presence of the natural element which in harmonious combination with the sea breeze gives the visitor all the information seeking, with an escape from the daily routine.

In the middle of beautiful Koronisia, in the arms of Amvrakikos, stands on the hill, the little church of the Nativity of Virgin Mary, a remnant of old and thriving church. By saved, written accounts we learn that the monastery was built before 1193, while the years of the Latin and early Ottoman empire (15th and 16th century) had many monks and had great prosperity. Nearby is saved also the church of St. Onoufrios, which is dated between 7th AD century and 10th AD century. Also, is maintained the old well from where the monastery was supplied with water, as well as ruins of cells and ancillary areas in the south of the church. Today the church is used as a parish

It is also noteworthy to mention the special fish that are in Amvrakikos, including the bream, sea bass, shrimp (also known as gampari), sardines, glosses and mullets. Early in the morning at the port of Koronisia will wait impatiently fishermen with sailboats, from which you will obtain the most fresh food is appeared in the same period you are visiting the island.


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